Our 24th Maestro during quarantine, and our most inclusive show – adding as many of our experienced and student performers together, collaborating with each other and inviting special guests from the international improv community. Thursday August 27th our two special guests include Balasree Viswanathan from The Adamant Eves and Improv Comedy Bangalore (Bangalore, India) and Whit Shiller from Fish Sticks Comedy and the podcast Improv Connections (Milwaukee … U.S.A.) JOIN US. Ask us for the exclusive Zoom link because passwords change every week! Yes, we hope it’s family friendly but it’s improv so please be mindful, stuff happens.

Whit Shiller – one of our special guests on Thursday, August 27th
Another special guest: Balasree Viswanatha, All the way from Improv Comedy Bangalore …. (not really, she’ll be there!)