The 31st of our exclusive Maestro shows held for our invited family-friendly audience. If you would like to be part of our Zoom audience, PM us for more details and a zoom invitation to the show or email . New password each week.Maestro, the improv format devised by Keith Johnstone, brings improvisers together for collaborative scenes, scored by the audience and inspired by a director. As the rounds progress, performers are eliminated until there is only one deserving improviser. The Maestro.Starring: Christine Pillman, Bob Kapur, Rob Williams, Carrie Thomas, Ashley Armstrong, Taelum Vergara, Noah Grittani, Catherine Henry, Syed Hasan AND our special guest: JACK MOSSHAMMER!Bradley Ellis on Score! Rob Williams as Musical Director. Directed by Amy McKenzieThere is no fee for the show at this time. We know this is a difficult time for many, including the performers playing! If you’re in the unique situation of having work and are able to contribute, feel free to donate below. We are a non-profit company but not a charity … yet!
Oakville Improv is generously supported by the Oakville Arts Council by way of the Town of Oakville. And we’re grateful.