Starring: Natasha Bromfield, Jeremy Butler, Bob Kapur, Christine Pillman and David Raitt – with their special guest for the evening: Catherine Henry. For the exclusive online link ask HERE! The show is free but if you feel like donating, and you have the means to do so, please consider sending even a few dollars our way to keep us running during this shuttered time. We want everyone to stay safe and happy. If you can’t give, have a laugh on us. We loves ya! (ALSO: Check out the “fundraiser” for The Moonshine Cafe and Oakville Improv! SAME NIGHT! For each meal bought at The Moonshine Cafe in the name of Oakville Improv from 4-10pm on Tuesday November 10th ONLY, Jan and Doug Carnall will send $5 to Oakville Improv! WOO HOO! (see next “event” for details or call The Moonshine Cafe – call early!)

David Raitt (top) and Bob Kapur (bottom) looking ahead to Oakville Improv’s future show on November 10th.