In a stunning upset, Coarse Whisperers lose their first place rank to the youngest players in the Tournament: Those Meddling Kids. In what can be called a “squeaker”, the match was filled with brassy challenges, bold choices and potent estrogen. TMK had been training at the Canadian Improv Games camp all week and it showed. Their ask fors were strong, their fear non-existent and their hair was super shiny. Coarse Whisperers Captain, Sue Illes blames head judge Jeremy Butler. Butler insists he laughed on point harder at TMK and they took the match 21-20.

In the first match of the night, not much to write home about as Chick Pees failed to overthrow third place Kill the Messenger. KTM won handily with 21-18.

That ends the ODD ROUND for the Bubble, and we move forward into the first EVEN ROUND on August 11th. Check out the standings here.