Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day and the show is STILL GOING. We HEART you. You heart us. We all heart together. If you’re coming on your own, WE HAVE YOUR BACK as well as your heart. It’s Game 10 in the anniversary in-house tournament. The battle continues! This week Los SALAmanders vs The Extras and some special guests as well! Starring: Susan Carroll, Aurea Crotty, Tess Fairbridge, Liam Feinman, Syed Hasan, Paul Lesperance, Adam Piett, Christine Pillman, David Raitt, Nash Stamenkovic and our very special guests David Healey and Jane Luk! All scored by the effervescent snow white of the improv set, Hilary Hart. Hosted by Bradley Ellis, Colour Commentator: Amy McKenzie. Judges for the evening: Natalie Hoban, Pamela Cooper, Carolyn Endacott