January 13th. 7pm-8pm our $5 drop in for everyone and then at 8pm our Theatresports competition lights up. Game four and five between Los SALAmanders and The Extras and in the second half Provably vs Oakville Improv Teen Tour Band. QEPCCC 2302 Bridge Road, Oakville L6M 2H2 Music Room #1 (off Yolanda Exit). Starring Adam Piett, Aurea Crotty, Liam Fienman, Syed Hasan, Nash Stamenkovic, Paul Lesperance, Sue Collins, Tess Fairbridge, Amy McKenzie, Catherine Henry, Monica Dunne, Bradley Ellis, Dave Ellis, Natalie Hoban, Ashlely Armstrong, Shann McGrail, Lynnae Dudley.