Throughout the pandemic, we’ve been offering free drop ins for kids and adults as well as free shows. From the end of March we’ve been playing Maestro weekly for audiences here and abroad online, and from April an expert jam with our best players every other week on Tuesdays. All this, free to whoever needs the extra boost – connection, laughter, camaraderie. If you believe in what we’re doing, and you have the luxury of continued work and financial safety through the pandemic, please help us keep holding these free events by donating HERE. We’re “not for profit’, incorporated through the government of Ontario but not a charity (as of yet, though applying). Any support you can find is appreciated. We also receive funding from the Town of Oakville through the Oakville Arts Council. Money donated helps pay for our continued rent at QEPCCC, our online platforms, programs and equipment and bursaries for students with no income.