Eventually, the truth will always out. It seems as if the recent absentee team, The Bokers has finally been thrown out of the Theatresports weekly tournament held by Oakville Improv on Monday Nights. Sources say the team was pursuing a part-time career in improv but using a fake name. It turns out The Bokers are actually “The Bakers”: Hilary and Chad B.A.K.E.R. although they’ve been working under the assumed name since the Tournament began in March. Chick Pees Team Captain Terri Skov could only shake her head in shock and disappointment, when asked for comment. Long time Boker fan and Kill the Messenger player, Lynnae Dudley ripped up the Boker autographs she received from them in the spring, on a napkin from the QEPCCC lobby cafe. The story continues to unfold.