The Moonshine Cafe is hosting us again for the Comedy Jamtastic Holiday Slay (Sleigh?). Joining us is the indomitable Naomi Sneickus from “National Theatre of the World”, Second City, Mr D, and a leader of the Firecracker Department.

THIS SHOW IS ON A DIFFERENT NIGHT BECAUSE OF THE CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS. DECEMBER 17th at 8pm, $10/person. The Moonshine Café is at 137 Kerr Street, Oakville. Phone for reservations (not tickets) at 905-844-2655! WE SELL OUT EVERY MONTH so PLEASE CALL AHEAD!

Starring: Natasha Bromfield, Amanda Massey, Daniella Quattro, Christine Pillman, David Raitt, Lea Wilkening, Jeremy Butler, Bradley Ellis, Emily Waddell, Taylor Grist, Matt Hall, Eleanor Lummis, William Feinman, Karen D’Souza, Razan Khan and Rob Williams on the Keys!  (MORE TO COME!)