Everything is Awesome. And if you’ve seen that movie … Ha! Well, we lost Ten til Ten and our Anniversary Theatresports show, but we’re happy to say we were ahead of the curve when they cancelled Oakville. The Town, bless them all as they keep things moving, has closed all recreation centres to “flatten the curve” until April 5th at the earliest. So stay tuned but don’t show up for ANYTHING as there is no anything to come to. In the mean time, read a book and watch a movie to build up your “references”. Watch a film in a specific genre (how well do you know Film Noir?). Try singing an improv song (you can even use on-line karaoke versions of improv song games if you’re new to it). Try doing word-at-a-time stories with your family. Get some exercise, so you can jump and flex like David Raitt. Write a book so you can top Gary Pearson or Duncan McKenzie with sales. Organize a festival in waiting. We’ll cross promote and come to that! See you soon everyone. Remember, we’ll miss you now, so that we can see more people later!