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Challenge #3 – I Followed Mark…

Here are some frames of a comic book from the so-called Golden Age of comics. Unfortunately, an implausible slip of the Photoshop brush has erased all the dialogue! Your mission, dear contestant, is to provide four blocks of dialogue to fill the missing spaces.

The deadline is… oh, what’s the point? Nobody pays attention to the deadlines anyway. So the deadline is whenever I feel like people have stopped posting answers.

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Rob Williams Jnr

Mark: Crazy things have been happening more since you’ve starting sleeping here.
I: Every time touch you, another glass breaks? I can’t keep seeing you if you don’t find a way to stop this.

Mark: You mightn’t believe this – but I had a reading done. My psychic told me there is amazing energy directed to the wine glasses in this house. And she somehow knew my wife’s name.
I: Oh Mark! There’s something in my basement that I __really__ need to show you!

Ehsan S

Mark: Honey, umm…there’s something I’ve been
meaning to tell you. I uhh…invited my mother
over for dinner.

Girlfriend: (CRING!) Oh! Oh my gosh! What was that?!

Mark: My mother. Like I said, I’ve been meaning
to tell you something. I was raised by alligators.

Girlfriend: Oh…ok, umm…See ya later.