PLEASE NOTE: This challenge has already been completed on our Facebook page.


Participants were asked to provide a caption to the Amusing Image shown above, with the winner to be determined by a vote on Facebook.

When you deal with improvisers, you’re working with a group of people who prefer to operate without rules or guidelines, and this was reflected in the enthusiastic response to this challenge. Given the instructions to vote using only hearts, our participants instead used a creative array of other symbols and icons. Rest assured, all you who voted, that your responses were given full consideration, even though they were mostly ignored in the final tally.

We saw many fine responses. Some went with the topical pandemic angle:

Man on right: "Why so glum, Pontius?"
Man on left: "All this fuss about everybody needing to wash their hands, but I do it ONE TIME, and suddenly I'M the bad guy!"

– Ryan Borochovitz

Others seemed to long for the time before social distancing:

“Listen Chuck, centurion role play is for AFTER work."

– Sam Hancock

Others saw a message about the insecurities of modern men:

"I bet you have a really big truck, too."

– Vanessa Anna Rago

This entry was said by some to be “too cool for the room”, but editors everywhere sent their silent approbation:

“I really thought using his name would lend an air of legitimacy to my salad and now you're telling me I spelled it wrong??"

– Ashley Armstrong

And this quip skilfully channelled comedy duo Wayne and Shuster, pressing all the right buttons for our comedy-plagiarism-loving crowd:

“And then my wife said, "Julie, don't go…"

– Lynnae Dudley

But two entries were tied for the winning position, which both put our cartoon characters in a sexual relationship. Nasazja Pal’s entry has a modern feel:

“You look very different from your profile picture…"

– Nastazja Pal

While Bob Kapur’s offering comes straight from the Pun-ic Wars:

“You're too early. I'm waiting for the Viagra to kick in, and then I'll need the Trojan."

– Bob Kapur