First two matches of ROUND ONE! Our new Theatresports™ tournament has started after the initial ranking finished last week. Coarse Whisperers squeaked past The Bokers by one point to retain their seat at number three. Although the Bokers used a clever local challenge with a sultry first coffee date at the Green Bean, it was surpassed by the syrupy sweetness of CW’s one voice response. Coarse Whisperers came back with a melodic musical challenge, where Illes took down her own  mother with high schticking and fatal femoral artery slashing. This was matched by a brutal invocation of War, France and Les Miz – the miniature pony took fans completely by surprise. A lightning fast two-way dubbing enforced by Captain Chad, fumbled slightly on the lip synching (or even lip moving) and Coarse Whisperers pulled out the barf card with a Words-No Words scene. The Whisperers took the match, 15-14.

In the second half, Monster Cuddle deployed their deep math skills in a number of words scene but Systematic Roundhouse Kick came back with an equal score for a deadly touch to talk scene. In the Mikastan Time Share presentation, Team Captain Moro used disingenuous translation skills and brutal interrogation to ferret out human rights abuses, but was unable to beat the Tri-Pan scene by Monster Cuddle due to their deft off stage volcano techniques. Again, neck and neck with Sounds like a Song from SRK and Pillars from Cuddle, but in the end, a time challenge helped keep SRK in their ninth position.

The battle continues next week, Monday April 7, 8pm at Central Baptist Church Auditorium. 340 Rebecca Street in Oakville.