THE FIRST UPSET! Chick Pees, the first place ranked team lost their lead and were defeated by Kill the Messenger in a one point tie breaker. The accents and emotions were there, but the narrative was sketchy at best. Even devising a new social networking game, Chick Pees failed to give the performance their fans were hoping for. Team Captain Skov cited lack of rehearsal. “We should have got extra points for playing a game that was created half an hour before the match, but I think what really held us back was the speed of that reduction scene. I’m pooped”. Kill the Messenger, hobbled by Sadavoy’s strep throat, brought in ringer Christine Pillman from “Hoarse Whisperers” to shore up any gaps in technique and by the tie-breaker, it was obvious Pillman was the right choice.

In the second match, Those Meddling Kids came out of the gate with quick-fire teen talk during a Question Period, just after Midwife Crisis tossed off a confessional scene that proved their chops. The Crisis did a pitch perfect Emotional Zones scene and ended with a 5 which should have clinched the race given the Kid’s triangle of death which might have ended in a “off-stage” tragedy, despite the cool stories. However, the slight fumble MC had in their open scene gave Kids an edge and in the end, again a tie breaker kept Those Meddling Kids in their fifth place position.

NEXT MATCH: April 14th featuring World Crime League defends their spot against Klan Rally and Mickey Gale challenges GLIC (Georgetown). SEE YOU THERE – 8pm at Central (340 Rebecca Street at Morden – rear entrance).