In the last match of the current round, World Crime League loses their eighth place position to Systematic Roundhouse Kick. Despite the most emotionally charged scene of the night with a delightfully complete narrative and excellent back story  in a Double “Zack Morris”, WCL could not out-battle the noise level of the audience response to the real-life romantic duo that is SRK. SRK built up audience support with cute characters and consistent ‘poo’ handling, as well as a alphabet/number of words mash-up, which garnered the three-word phrase “examine your life” by Cicchelli. SRK won by a hair with 28.1 to 27.3

Earlier in the evening, second-to-last place GLIC was able to make a clear statement of intent to Kill the Messenger by winning 22.7 to 20.7. Despite technical difficulties with the electronic score evaluator, GLIC came out ahead by using strong characters and an interesting challenge including the other team in their dubbing scene. KTM had great audience support with their SFX scene, utilizing as many machines as humanly possible in one scene, but it was GLICs final offering that helped them win over the audience.