We're starting to stream on YouTube (Oakville Improv Theatre Company). Join us for live shows and recordings you miss. We're just starting to upload shows from the past year ... HEY! Stay safe!

August 30th

“CAN’T TRUMP THIS”: On August 30th, join us for another jam at the Moonshine Cafe, 137 Kerr Street at 7:30pm-9:30pm. Starring: Bob Kapur, Terri Skov, Jeremy Butler, Lea Wilkening, Christine Pillman. Hosted by Shann McGrail. Musical Improviser: Jeff Rosenthal. Guests: Gary Pearson, Jane Luk and friends. Oakville Improvisers and veterans squeezed into the homiest store front bar in town. $5.00 cover. This is a licensed facility and an adult show. Please call ahead for reservations if you can here. The last two were standing room only.

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