MARCH 8th Oakville Improv is 10 Years Old! And we’re celebrating. The finals for the In-House Tournament happen right at 8pm and Scott Micklejohn, former host and improv (isario), shows up for our celebrations. The winners of our matches on Monday are PLEASE PLAY AGAIN (Sam Hancock, Kim Beaune and Lynnae Dudley) vs CONTROL TOP UNDERPANTS (Christine Pillman, Natasha Bromfield, Lea Wilkening and Catherine Henry) The winner will take home the Oakville Cup. And then in the second half, audience faves Moist Theatre return to help us celebrate EVEN MORE. They’ll play Oakville Improv darlings James Jeffers and David Raitt. With Bradley Ellis on Colour Commentary and Joel Woods on the piano keyboard. And cupcakes. Did we mention cupcakes? STILL FIVE DOLLARS. But there’s only room for 100 people. So come early and get your tickets at the door. PHEW.

The Oakville Improv “Cup”