Improv shows may be shuttered but spontaneity yet lives!
Exercise your wit, humour, or just your sneering sarcasm by participating in “For Your Next Challenge.”

Moonshine Comedy Jam Sunday November 26th

Guys! GUYS!

The Moonshine Comedy Jam happens this Sunday November 26th and starts at 7:30pm with David Raitt’s Creating Worlds Class and then Oakville Improvisers Christine Pillman, Jeremy Butler, Natasha Bromfield, Amy McKenzie and Paul Muhleisen.
Then at 8:30pm: Our special guests that night: THE COINCIDENCE MEN! With Kerry Griffin, Marcel St Pierre, Gord Oxley and Ralph MacLeod. Don’t miss it!

All scored by Hilary June Hart.

The Moonshine Cafe is at 137 Kerr Street (just below Rebecca on the East side). Reservations recommended – there are only 60 seats. Call John at: (905) 844-2655

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