Improv shows may be shuttered but spontaneity yet lives!
Exercise your wit, humour, or just your sneering sarcasm by participating in “For Your Next Challenge.”

Monday May 13th

May 13, 2019. DROP IN and SHOW: We’re at QEP from 7-8pm ($5/person) for an improv drop-in and then our Theatresports workshop show from 8pm to 9(ish). Join our four teams as they battle it out for improv supremacy, leaving scored and scarred for another day. Starring: Paul Muhleisen, Corey Best, Diana Barbosa, Alex Hawthorne, Monica Dunne, Catherine Henry, Lynnae Dudley, Ashley Armstrong, Lisa Gachet, Brianne Gwartz, Nastazja Palonka, Nash Stamenkovic and Carolyn Endacott.

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