Hey, Oakville fans! Thanks for coming out to watch our first improv show with our brand new name! QE Park’s opening day was a HUGE success and what an awesome facility. So many things for you to do and see. In one hour, we saw belly dancers, singers, aerobic dancers, swimmers and people playing badminton. There were potters, potting, woodcutters whittling, and people eating amazing Thai food. Thanks to Carmine Lucarelli and Jan Caruana for representing Toronto and Gary Pearson, Carson Gale, Colin Murphy and Scott Meiklejohn for representing Oakville in our show. The free workshop after was tons of fun and we’re really excited about QE Park and what it’s going to mean for culture in Oakville. Thanks to the Town of Oakville for supporting artistic endeavour in our city.


The Moonshine March 25th

Hey, Oakville! You busy on a Sunday night? Thought not. Why don’t you come down to The Moonshine Cafe, 137 Kerr Street and check out our ongoing Comedy Jam. On March 25th, at 7pm, Duncan McKenzie presents his Instant Play, originally designed for Bad Dog Theatre in Toronto in 2010 for their Off Broadview show, this experimental format works finishes with a real play. A whole play. On the spot. And at 8:30pm, you can catch Gary Pearson and Lisa Merchant burning up the stage. Probably fifty years of improv experience between them … Funny, they don’t look that bad … I’m not saying, “come out and catch them before they retire”, or anything like that, it’s just, they’ve been doing this a long time. Seriously. They’re very funny people.

QE Park opens and Oakville Improv BEGINS!

MARCH 24! Mark your calendars up and get on the shuttle to QE Park Community Centre. Not only are we having a cool show with Oakville pitted against Toronto players, but there’s a free workshop planned right after. Come one, come all. And we’ll be announcing our name change to Oakville Improv Theatre Company. Yes, way more super teachers, way more hysterical shows, way less bad dogs.

QE Park Opening Day Guide

As we grow as a company, we look forward to being a locally governed organization, with the same connections and involvement with quality GTA performers and teachers. As we build up our new home at QE Park, plan to be part of our celebrations and come to the opening day at the most interesting facility in Halton, housing both sport and art, with access for beginners of all media. Check it out!

Links to Our Colleagues and other Excellent Improv sites

Improv is everywhere. We can’t even begin to list the sites and companies that exist (and why would we? see this crazy dude’s site) As well, it’s hard to know who’s just great and who’s just okay and who’s just hoping to score a forever life partner … So here’s our incredibly short list of resources in the Greater Toronto area. Groups we have worked with, admire or might want to refer you to because you can bike there:

Bad Dog Theatre (seriously – the best big sister an improv company ever had)

Black Swan (Ralph MacLeod is the dad we never had)

Second City (Did you think we wouldn’t mention them?)

Impatient Theatre Company (Total Freaks for Long-form)

TheatreSports (Keith Johnstone’s work informs most of what we do)

Canadian Improv Games (a national high school competition you should get involved in)

Improv News (and so much more)

 Dan Goldstein: How to be a Better Improviser (some interesting ideas for you to chew on)