Jun 112019

We love ArtHouse. They provide artistic training for children who are under serviced or with barriers to access in our community in Halton. They’re sponsored by a wide group of philanthropic individuals and organizations (like Oakville Community Foundation). Everything from urban dance to art therapy to cooking to improv. We’ve collaborated with them almost since the beginning and they NEVER STOP. Congratulation, ArtHouse on your tenth anniversary. We understand your pride because we’re ten years old, too! Happy Anniversary from all your friends and teachers at Oakville Improv. (June 11th, 2019, Gala at Sheridan College Theatre)

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Jun 102019

I mean … Theatresports. Tonight. June 10th. That’s right, we’re playing RIGHT BEFORE THE BIG GAME -so you still have a chance to catch the game if you come down, do the drop in at 7 and then hang out for Theatresports with David Raitt, Ashley Armstrong, Natalie Hoban, Paul Lesperance, Lisa Gachet, Diana Barbosa, Eleanor Lummis, Christine Camirand, Shann McGrail, Lynnae Dudley, Monica Dunne, Pam Cooper, Christine Pillman and Natasha Bromfield. Judging: Amy McKenzie, Nash Stamenkovic

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Jun 052019

Join us for a new edition of Theatresports, in the Black Box Theatre – 2302 Bridge Road. 8pm. $5/person. It’s the best comedy deal in town. SIX teams, THREE matches and a number of steamy improvisers, special guests and one cool musical improviser. It happens EVERY second Friday of the month. This one is June 14th. BE THERE. Starring: Noah Grittani, Emilie LeClercq, Sofia Muhleisen, Samuel Sharp, Taelum Vergara, Edlyn Waid, Lynnae Dudley, Bradley Ellis, Pam Cooper, Paul Lesperance, Natalie Hoban, Lisa Gachet, James Jeffers, David Raitt, Christine Pillman and Natasha Bromfield. Hosted by Paul Muhleisen and Bob Kapur. Musical improviser: Joel Woods!

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May 272019

Join us for our drop in from 7-8pm $5/person at 2302 Bridge Road (Music Room #1) and our workshop shop MAESTRO at 8pm for FREE! Starring: Christine Pillman, Paul Muhleisen, Corey Best, Diana Barbosa, Ashley Armstrong, Lynnae Dudley, Luisa Muhleisen, Shann McGrail, Catherine Henry and Lisa Gachet.

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May 262019

This Sunday. Check it out. $10 at 137 Kerr Street. Phone John and ask for a reservation. Oakville Improvisers off the top (James Jeffers, Christine Pillman, Natasha Bromfield, Sam Hancock and Lea Wilkening), an open stage in the middle and vets to bring it home. Join us. AT THE TOP: Other Oakville Improvisers: We’re putting the names of all the improvisers in the audience that want to participate in a hat and pulling them up to play a scene with some of our coolest cats. Be there and maybe you’ll be in the show, too. Second half guest: Gary Pearson. And all that can mean. #BowlingShirts #NoBowlingShirts #FirstDateScenes #ScienceFiction #LiterallyAnything JOIN US!

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May 202019

We, henceforth, will be dining with our esteemed family and friends. We will not be taking part in the devil’s own theatrical presentations known as “improvisation”. We do, however, wish you a royal and delightful holiday Monday as you relax in your own domiciles. Yours, HRH Victoria Regina.

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May 132019

May 13, 2019. DROP IN and SHOW: We’re at QEP from 7-8pm ($5/person) for an improv drop-in and then our Theatresports workshop show from 8pm to 9(ish). Join our four teams as they battle it out for improv supremacy, leaving scored and scarred for another day. Starring: Paul Muhleisen, Corey Best, Diana Barbosa, Alex Hawthorne, Monica Dunne, Catherine Henry, Lynnae Dudley, Ashley Armstrong, Lisa Gachet, Brianne Gwartz, Nastazja Palonka, Nash Stamenkovic and Carolyn Endacott.

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May 102019

Join us for the next edition of our Black Box Theatresports show. Special guest tonight is ROB NORMAN!

Rob Norman is the author of Improvising Now, the host of CBC Radio’s Personal Best, a performer on the sketch comedy show Sunnyside and a teacher at Second City.
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Apr 202019

April 29th, we’re at it again at QEPCCC’s Music Room #1 with our 7-8pm drop-in (for everyone) and our workshop show at 8 (Maestro). Pay $5 for the drop-in and learn a few things about improv or stretch your aching creative muscles if it’s been a while. Then stay for free for the show. Maestro is like the “survivor” of improv. There can be only one. And you, the audience, decides who that is.

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