Jul 142019

If you’ve never been to our drop-in class, why not try Monday July 15th. This hour drop ($5/person) in is a great sample class, introducing new folks to how an improv class works and giving experienced improvisers a refresher or warm up prior to the show at 8pm. Then stay for the show, provided free, and giving an opportunity for our regular improvisers to strut their stuff. Monday July 15th is a Maestro™, a kind of “survivor” of improv scenes where improvisers perform together and are slowly eliminated until one happy improviser is voted Maestro of the night! Join us.

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Jul 092019

Join us at QEPCCC’s Black Box Theatre on July 12th at 8pm for MORE Theatresports. $5/person. Six teams. Three judges. Two co-hosts. One Show!
Special Guest: Kevin Whalen. Also starring: James Jeffers, Christine Pillman, Natasha Bromfield, Pam Cooper, Corey Best, Terri Skov, Christine Camirand, Ashley Armstrong, Diana Barbosa, Catherine Henry, Liam Walsh, Madeline Van Meeteren, Paige Woodcock, Audrey Lambert, Carter Whatley and Momchil Adamov. Hosted by Paul Muhleisen and Bob Kapur. Judges: Amy McKenzie, Bradley Ellis and Lori Lang. Musical Improvisor: Hilary Hart Lighting Improviser: Robin Sadavoy

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Jun 182019

As always, we’re around on June 30th, the last Sunday of the month, at The Moonshine Café, courtesy of owner John Marlatt to jam our little hearts out and bring in some improv guests from around the GTA. $10/person. Alcohol and Adult Content. Starts at 7:30pm and goes to about 9:30 or more. Always good to reserve: 905-844-2655 137 Kerr Street (parking on street or behind on John Street). See you there! SPECIAL GUEST: LISA MERCHANT!! Also starring: Diana Barbosa, Natasha Bromfield, Susan Carroll, Bradley Ellis, Tess Fairbridge, Natalie Hoban, Iryna McCoubrey, Christine Pillman, Terri Skov, Nash Stamenkovic. Four cool sets including an incubator set for new work by creative minds. BE THERE!

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Jun 162019

To all our members who bring their kids to improv; to all our members that miss shows and workshops for their kids; to all our members who tell stories about their kids; to all our audience members that bring their kids to shows just to spend more time with them; to all our volunteers and the operators of QEP who model good community team work: HAPPY FATHERS’ DAY! You’re a good Dad.

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Jun 112019

We love ArtHouse. They provide artistic training for children who are under serviced or with barriers to access in our community in Halton. They’re sponsored by a wide group of philanthropic individuals and organizations (like Oakville Community Foundation). Everything from urban dance to art therapy to cooking to improv. We’ve collaborated with them almost since the beginning and they NEVER STOP. Congratulation, ArtHouse on your tenth anniversary. We understand your pride because we’re ten years old, too! Happy Anniversary from all your friends and teachers at Oakville Improv. (June 11th, 2019, Gala at Sheridan College Theatre)

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Jun 102019

I mean … Theatresports. Tonight. June 10th. That’s right, we’re playing RIGHT BEFORE THE BIG GAME -so you still have a chance to catch the game if you come down, do the drop in at 7 and then hang out for Theatresports with David Raitt, Ashley Armstrong, Natalie Hoban, Paul Lesperance, Lisa Gachet, Diana Barbosa, Eleanor Lummis, Christine Camirand, Shann McGrail, Lynnae Dudley, Monica Dunne, Pam Cooper, Christine Pillman and Natasha Bromfield. Judging: Amy McKenzie, Nash Stamenkovic

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Jun 052019

Join us for a new edition of Theatresports, in the Black Box Theatre – 2302 Bridge Road. 8pm. $5/person. It’s the best comedy deal in town. SIX teams, THREE matches and a number of steamy improvisers, special guests and one cool musical improviser. It happens EVERY second Friday of the month. This one is June 14th. BE THERE. Starring: Noah Grittani, Emilie LeClercq, Sofia Muhleisen, Samuel Sharp, Taelum Vergara, Edlyn Waid, Lynnae Dudley, Bradley Ellis, Pam Cooper, Paul Lesperance, Natalie Hoban, Lisa Gachet, James Jeffers, David Raitt, Christine Pillman and Natasha Bromfield. Hosted by Paul Muhleisen and Bob Kapur. Musical improviser: Joel Woods!

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