Improv shows may be shuttered but spontaneity yet lives!
Exercise your wit, humour, or just your sneering sarcasm by participating in “For Your Next Challenge.”

Ten til Ten

Are you coming? Better save the date. The special guests are off the chain. From ten in the morning until ten at night, you can do a little or a lot … Carolyn Taylor from Baroness Von Sketch Show is coming to speak on the Panel at 1pm. Join us! More registration news as it …

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February 14, Theatresports

Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day and the show is STILL GOING. We HEART you. You heart us. We all heart together. If you’re coming on your own, WE HAVE YOUR BACK as well as your heart. It’s Game 10 in the anniversary in-house tournament. The battle continues! This week Los SALAmanders vs The Extras and some …

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Do we get an award? Maybe! Join us at for their red carpet celebration on February 9th, when we join them on their slightly redder carpet to get laughs and create stories about movies and movie people. All starts at 6:30pm but we’ll be there around 9pm … mostly during the commercial breaks …

Maestro and Drop In Jan 27th

Come out for the $5 drop in at 7pm and then stay for the Maestro. The survivor of improv. Combinations of improvisors, racking up scores, trying to stay on the board and win the audience’s heart. Applause ranks their score. A Canadian five dollar bill is their goal … THE WINNER BECOMES OUR … MAESTRO.