Mar 012019

MARCH 8th Oakville Improv is 10 Years Old! And we’re celebrating. The finals for the In-House Tournament happen right at 8pm and Scott Micklejohn, former host and improv (isario), shows up for our celebrations. The winners of our matches on Monday are PLEASE PLAY AGAIN (Sam Hancock, Kim Beaune and Lynnae Dudley) vs CONTROL TOP UNDERPANTS (Christine Pillman, Natasha Bromfield, Lea Wilkening and Catherine Henry) The winner will take home the Oakville Cup. And then in the second half, audience faves Moist Theatre return to help us celebrate EVEN MORE. They’ll play Oakville Improv darlings James Jeffers and David Raitt. With Bradley Ellis on Colour Commentary and Joel Woods on the piano keyboard. And cupcakes. Did we mention cupcakes? STILL FIVE DOLLARS. But there’s only room for 100 people. So come early and get your tickets at the door. PHEW.

The Oakville Improv “Cup”
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Mar 012019

On March 4th we’re at it again in Music Room #1 at QEPCCC 2302 Bridge Road. For $5/person you can join our drop-in class and learn about improv by participating in a fun hour-long workshop. Kids under 13 must be accompanied by an adult. Then at 8pm, stay tuned for the penultimate drag em out Tenth Anniversary In-House Theatresports Tournament, pitting the last three teams left and a WILD CARD TEAM against each other. The final two teams will end up at our anniversary show on MARCH 8th. BE THERE! Cheer on Fake Nudes (Monica, Bob and Amy) or the WILD CARD TEAM they’re playing (Sam, Lynnae and Kim) and then stay tuned for the match of the century between Control Top Underpants (Christine, Natasha, Catherine and Lea) vs Adults Only (Paul Muhleisen, Eric Dolansky and Sofia Muhleisen.

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Feb 242019

Join us for a whole day of workshops, a panel and a fun evening jam with top improvisers from across the GTA as we continue to celebrate our 10th anniversary, teaching and playing in Oakville. You can register for workshops and to listen to our improv panel discussion HERE. And buy tickets to the show, HERE. This show is rated PG and may have adult content.

All happening from 10am until 10pm on March 16th at QEPCCC 2302 Bridge Road.

Some of our participants: Lisa Merchant, Herbie Barnes, Geri Hall, Kevin Whalen, Jan Caruana, Janet Van De Graaff, Gary Pearson, Garry Campbell, Jane Luk, James Jeffers, Kayla Lorette and MORE …

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Feb 202019

Oakville Improv just received a significant grant from the Town of Oakville through the Oakville Arts Council. We’re so grateful for the constant support of our Town and the jury of our peers for supporting not just the art form of improvisation, but the children and adults that benefit from participating in our workshop and the audience that benefits from the creative daring fun during our shows. Thanks everyone for your patronage. Here’s to our tenth anniversary and many more from here. 

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Feb 132019

Join us on February 25th as we come in the the home stretch in the 10th Anniversary Tournament: Control Top Underpants vs Fake Nudes and Women’s Improv Network vs Adult’s Only. CTU coming in with veteran Lea Wilkening, feeling like her improv is a little rusty but not even breaking a sweat. Fake Nudes squeaked past It’s Tea Time with David Raitt as guest and now Bob Kapur comes back with pressure ON. Women’s Improv Network has FIVE team members and has to keep the ask fors sorted out, at the very least, and Adult’s Only has the youngest player in the Tournament – 13yrs – not too shabby! Check it out at QEPCCC’s Music Room #1, 8pm. It’s free, after the drop in workshop at 7pm ($5 per person, everyone welcome).

Adults Only: Eric Dolansky, Sofia Muhleisen and Paul Muhleisen

Women’s Improv Network (WIN) l-r: Terri Skov, Shann McGrail, Kim Beaune, Lynnae Dudley, Carolyn Endacott

None of these people are David Raitt

Catherine Henry, Christine Pillman, Lea Wilkening and Natasha Bromfield (Hair by Wigs International)


(Wild card entries will be announced March 4th! BE THERE!)

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Feb 052019

WOW! The Coincidence Men are coming! Remember those guys on horseback. Seriously. They were riding horses. In the Moonshine. Okay, it was mime, but damn fine mime. FORGET THE OSCARS – we have!

Also, Geri Hall will team up with Gary Pearson again to do some last minute sneak peeks for their show Middle Raged (WHICH IS SOLD OUT) at the Oakville Centre. This all starts at 7:30 with some super talented Oakville people, too, including Natasha Bromfield, Jeremy Butler and Diana Barbosa! Check us out. $5 cover and a whole lot of hocus pocus at The Moonshine Cafe, 137 Kerr Street. Oh, we’ve got a square reader now, so you can use your credit and debit card, too. 🙂 WOO HOO. 21 Century HERE WE COME …

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Feb 052019

Woo. We’re moving forward in the 10th Anniversary Tournament. Friday February 8th we’ve got some real hot tamales. It’s Tea Time (Lisa Gachet, Brianne Gwartz and Naz Palonka) square off against Fake Nudes (Amy McKenzie, Monica Dunne and Bob Kapur). Bob is away so DAVID RAITT is subbing in. WHAT? What kind of hijinks are Fake Nudes playing at? Come and see. ALSO, special guests MOIRA DUNPHY, DAVE HEALEY, JANE LUKE AND our own GARY PEARSON. Plus Christine Pillman, Natasha Bromfield and David Raitt play them all. Sam Hancock and Bradley Ellis on deck as host and colour commentator and Joel Woods on the keys. $5/person. BE THERE. QEPCCC’s Black Box Theatre, 8pm. Tickets at the door. Don’t miss it!

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Feb 052019

The competition is heating up. W.I.N. won! and Control Top Underpants HELD THEIR GRIP! Fake Nudes revealed their secret weapon and overcame It’s Tea Time. Come join us Monday Feb 11th at QEPCCC (Music Room #1) to watch the next stage of the tournament. OY (OI) You’ll be glad you did. Watch Adults Only face off against Wake Me Up When It’s Over and WIN vs It’s Tea Time. At 8pm. Free after the $5 Monday Night Drop In Workshop. Here’s the latest: 

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Jan 282019

Weather Alert. We’re cancelling tonight’s workshop and performance to make sure our members and audience stay safe during the coming snow storm.  Look forward to seeing everyone next week at the continue Theatresports smack down between Control Top Underpants and Wake Me Up When It’s Over and Women’s Improv Network versus Georgetown Little Improv Club. WOO HOO.

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