Jun 152017

If you’ve ever “thought about” taking an improv class but weren’t sure …

We’re going to have drop-in sampler workshops. Mondays through August (except the holiday weekend). August 14, 21 and 28th! From 7-9pm. Everyone welcome. $5/person.  For more information email Amy

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Jun 152017
For our last night at this venue, we celebrate Central and thank them for 8 years of generous support and helping us get on our feet and given us a chance to grow as a Company. In thanks, we’re holding a Theatresports “re-boot” bringing back some of our favourite teams over the years. General seating. Doors open at 7:45. PWYC. 340 Rebecca Street. Rear Doors.
See some of our favourite teams from the before time with “Those Meddling Kids”, GLIC, Coarse Whisperers, That New Car Smell, Clan Rally, and Adult Supervision.
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Jun 152017

Join us as we promo Nightmare on Kerr Street with a few spooky preview scenes and then jam like crazy with our favourite special guest, Lisa Merchant. 7:30PM start time and $5. cover charge. Reserve in advance! 905-844-2655 (phone John). The Moonshine Cafe at 137 Kerr Street

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Jun 152017

Join us for our July edition of Theatresports on a DIFFERENT NIGHT just for this month. In order to have our summer blockbuster “Nightmare on Kerr Street” happen, we’re changing the night for our regular show to July 7th instead of our normal second Friday of the month. Still 8pm. Still at QEP’s Black Box Theatre. Still $5! Tell your friends!

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Jun 082017

July 13-16th at 8pm, QEP, 2302 Bridge Road at 8pm and an extra scary edition at 11pm on July 15th. $10 online and $15 at the door

Horror tropes. Spontaneous murders. Cheerleaders. Nerds. Jocks. Jumps scares. Gory finishes. It’s going to be … hilarious. 


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May 312017

Join us June 9th for our regular Theatresports show at 8pm at QEPCCC’s Black Box Theatre 2302 Bridge Road. $5 at the door.

Four teams vying for improv comedy supremacy in 2 smack down matches that will make you laugh AND cry. 

Never the same scene twice. All made up on the spot for YOU!

Starring: Our special guests David Healey, Lisa Merchant and our own Gary Pearson. And our favourite Oakville improvisers Lea Wilkening, Jeremy Butler, Christine Pillman, Terri Skov, Shann McGrail, Ashely Armstrong, Bradley Ellis, Will Campbell and introducing Diana Barbosa! All scored by the incomparable Jeff Rosenthal.  

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May 312017

One of our last get togethers at Central. Join us at 8pm for a workshop show where experienced and new improvisers get together to test new formats and jam in the best way! PWYC. 340 Rebecca Street. Oakville. Rear Doors. upstair auditorium.

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May 172017

The Moonshine Comedy Jam is full of surprises this month!

Join us at 7:30 for Oakville Improv’s jam, including Paul Muhleisen, Christine Pillman, Kevin Tinsley, David Raitt and Amy McKenzie and MORE!

At 8:30 OUR SPECIAL GUESTS: our own Gary Pearson (Sunnyside, Corner Gas, MaddTV and so much more), along with his incredibly talented friends Kathy Greenwood (Who’s Line (America), Women Fully Clothed, Wind at My Back and Not to be Repeated) and Ed Sahely (Second City, Not to Be Repeated and too many other guest spots to mention). This is another “not to be missed” show. Reserve seats with John Marlatt at the Moonshine Cafe 905-844-2655 (137 Kerr Street). Alcoholic beverages and Adult Content.

Scored by the beautiful and talented Jeff Rosenthal!

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