Sep 142019

join us at the Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts, 130 Navy Street. September 19-21st at 8pm for the PG versions and Saturday September 21st at 2pm for the Family-friendly version) Give us suggestions and help us figure out the Superhero’s power and where in Oakville all this takes place!


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Sep 142019

Join us after the drop in class for a free show of Maestro – the survivor of all improv formats. THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE! Check it out and have a laugh. From 8pm. Drop in class is 7-8pm $5/person.

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Sep 142019

Hope this isn’t … our … Water … loo …

You might have seen that coming. But are YOU coming to Waterloo? To cheer us on? SURE YOU ARE! $10 a ticket at the door. Watch Oakville take on Theatre on the Edge as they wipe the stage with us … or not! They’re lovely, come check them out.

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Aug 192019

If you’ve always wanted to try improv but were afraid of commitment … join us at 7pm ($5/person – not a lot, right?). Music Room #1 at QEPCCC 2302 Bridge Road. It’s in the far back right of the building. We’ll play, you’ll play, we’ll all play. Everyone welcome. And then stay for the fun show MAESTRO for free at 8pm. Starring: Christine Pillman, Natasha Bromfield, Maisie McLean, Lynnae Dudley, Natalie Hoban, Tess Fairbridge, Paul Lesperance and MORE.

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Aug 112019

Thanks to Ian Hallford of Royal Lepage and David Goodyear of Gear Music for adding to the ranks of our SUPERHERO sponsors. No, they really are! Because they’ve become sponsors for our show Oakville’s Own Suphero that will begin September 19-21st, 2019 at the Oakville Centre. Tickets!

We also love the Oakville Arts Council for the constant encouragement and the passionate love of all things cultural of Jeff Knoll from and Dr Iskra Sarfova from Bronte Village Dental Office. THANKS EVERYONE!

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Jul 302019

Hey Improv Fans, another edition of Theatresports with special guest: Herbie Barnes! Also starring: Lynnae Dudley, Bradley Ellis, Brianne Gwartz, Catherine Henry, James Jeffers, David Raitt, Robin Sadavoy and Nash Stamenkovic. Host: Ashley Armstrong. Colour Commentator: Paul Lesperance. Judges: Amy McKenzie, Diana Barbosa and Natalie Hoban.

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