Oct 092018

This year, the cast of Flashman comes all the way to Oakville on November 25th. This yearly event which happens at Spadina House, written and directed by Dave Healey, and starring David Healey, Jane Luk, Samuel Agro and Anne McDougal is coming to The Moonshine Cafe to amaze and delight us.  Jason Nobrega on sound effects and Jeff Rosenthal as the musical director. Come watch a radio play in the grand tradition unfold before your very ears.  

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Oct 092018

Join us for another edition of Theatresports at QEP’s Black Box Theatre (2302 Bridge Road). 8pm. $5 at the door. This week’s guests: Jane Luk and Dave Healey. Also starring: Christine Pillman, Natasha Bromfield, Gary Pearson, Bradley Ellis, Monica Dunne, Catherine Henry, Brie Gwartz, Ashley Armstrong and Jennifer Filipowicz. Emilee Mae Feeley on piano.

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Oct 082018

Hi Improv Lovers. No Monday night drop-in or Show. It’s Thanksgiving in Canada. The QEPCC building is closed. We still love you. Be in the moment and reach out to someone you like or love. Or read a book. Really, both are fine. 

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Sep 302018

SEPTEMBER 30th! Yup, Coko & Daphney are coming to play at the Moonshine (FIRST TIME THERE!). Remember when you saw them at the Theatresports show? All pumped from the snowstorm last year? They’re back. But this time at a different venue. A more adult and relaxed venue. Come and watch them play – you’ll LOVE them.

The whole thing starts at 7:30pm with our Oakville improvisers AND … Gary Pearson’s FROM PAGE TO STAGE writers are going to do read throughs from their sketches. Then, watch veterans Gary Pearson (Mad TV) and Geri Hall (22 Minutes) as they debut and tempt with a few more sketches. All followed by our special guests, Coko and Daphney.

Cover $5/person. Call John Marlatt at the Moonshine and reserve a seat: 905-844-2655 (137 Kerr Street).

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Sep 212018

Hey Improsarios,

Join us again for Maestro on Monday September 24th at QEPCCC’s Music Room #1 (back right corner of the building – or off the Yolanda exit), 2302 Bridge Road. If you come at 7pm you can pay $5/person for a cool intro workshop to the art of improvisation and then stay for free for the Maestro. Created by Keith Johnstone, this format allows the cast to play scenes until they get voted off the island (so to speak). It’s an elimination game, an acting game, a battle of wits and character choices. Only one can be the MAESTRO! 8pm after the workshop. Starring: Lori Lang, Carolyn Endacott, Monica Dunne, Nash Stamenkovic, Sam Hancock, Paul Muhleisen and more! Directed by Gary Pearson.

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Sep 172018

Not you, of course, but everyone else. They want to make they’re opinion known. And they can! Come to the show where the audience critics have a say in how we edit, move forward and cast the show. 8pm after the drop in at 7. Everyone welcome. QEPCCC’s Music Room #1. 2302 Bridge Road. $5/person for the workshop and then the show is FREE!

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