February 14, Theatresports

Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day and the show is STILL GOING. We HEART you. You heart us. We all heart together. If you’re coming on your own, WE HAVE YOUR BACK as well as your heart. It’s Game 10 in the anniversary in-house tournament. The battle continues! This week Los SALAmanders vs The Extras and some special guests as well! Starring: Susan Carroll, Aurea Crotty, Tess Fairbridge, Liam Feinman, Syed Hasan, Paul Lesperance, Adam Piett, Christine Pillman, David Raitt, Nash Stamenkovic and our very special guests David Healey and Jane Luk! All scored by the effervescent snow white of the improv set, Hilary Hart. Hosted by Bradley Ellis, Colour Commentator: Amy McKenzie. Judges for the evening: Natalie Hoban, Pamela Cooper, Carolyn Endacott

Feb 10th Everyone’s A Critic

Come out to Music Room #1 for the $5 drop in and then STAY for the ever amusing “Everyone’s A Critic” where two of our audience members join us on stage to analyze and change what happens in our dramatic homage to the movies. Careers ruined, Cutting room floors, Alternate endings. It’s all there in it’s mucky glory. And the audience always comes out a winner. 8pm at Music Room #1. QEPCCC 2302 Bridge Road. Oakville.

Starring: Pam Cooper, Christine Pillman, Lisa Gachet, Sam Hancock, Terri Skov and more!

OSCAR NIGHT at Film.ca

Do we get an award? Maybe! Join us at Film.ca for their red carpet celebration on February 9th, when we join them on their slightly redder carpet to get laughs and create stories about movies and movie people. All starts at 6:30pm but we’ll be there around 9pm … mostly during the commercial breaks …

Feb 23rd Moonshine Comedy Jam

Join us on February 23rd, the next of our monthly jams at the Moonshine. Every last Sunday of the month we hang out and play with our newer students, our experienced players and then the second half is Gary Pearson Presents – LISA MERCHANT! and ED SAHELY! All starts at 7:30pm led by Bradley Ellis and Christine Pillman with Jeremy Butler, James Jeffers, Natasha Bromfield, Nastajza Palonka, Brianne Gwartz and Lisa Gachet. Musical Accompaniment: Jeff Rosenthal.

Feb 3rd. The Tournie Continues …

8pm, Music Room #1, QEPCCC 2302 Bridge Road. Game 8 & 9 of the Theatresports™ tournament continues. Los SALAmanders plays again Gouda Grief and Provably vs Improv Syndrome. It’s a night to remember, before you completely forget. Just for you, in the moment, never to be seen again. Four teams, three judges, two hosts, one big audience – YOU! Free with entrance to the $5 Drop in at 7pm.

Family Day FEB 17th, 2020 Performance and Workshop

It’s all FREE! Come on down to QEPCCC (2302 Bridge Road) and experience the fun of the day moving from art class to pottery to improv! We’re playing right at NOON! in Music Room #1. You can watch the performance and then jump into the class once you’ve seen how much fun it can be! 12-12:50 (SHOW) 1-2pm (WORKSHOP). All on FEBRUARY 17th. Oakville Improv joins with the Town of Oakville to share lots of activities you can do with your chosen family, whoever they are. Nobody around? WE WILL BE YOUR FAMILY TODAY! Come laugh with us. You can come on your own and blend in for a good time. Here’s the flyer for all the wonderful things supported by the Town of Oakville: https://www.oakville.ca/assets/general%20-%20culture%20recreation/FamilyDayBrochure.pdf

Maestro and Drop In Jan 27th

Come out for the $5 drop in at 7pm and then stay for the Maestro. The survivor of improv. Combinations of improvisors, racking up scores, trying to stay on the board and win the audience’s heart. Applause ranks their score. A Canadian five dollar bill is their goal … THE WINNER BECOMES OUR … MAESTRO.

January 26th The Moonshine Comedy Jam!

Join us at 7:30 when our Oakville Improviser play fast and furious (or slow and odious) in two wild sets. Starring: Jeremy Butler, Susan Carroll, Lynnae Dudley, Bradley Ellis, David Ellis, Catherine Henry, Natalie Hoban, Christine Pillman and Shann McGrail. And then at 8:30 our special guests arrive for “Gary Pearson Presents” including a a short comedy lab set for experiments in sketch, stand up and more! This month’s guests: two of the spectacular comedy team The Coincidence Men: Kerry Griffin (Second City, The Coincidence Men) and Ralph MacLeod (Bad Dog Theatre, The Coincidence Men).

Theatresports January 20th

Right after the regular drop in at 7pm, come join us at 8pm for a round of Theatresports. But this is an in-house tournament … with consequence! Watch the fourth night of tournie action as Broad Strokes face off against The Extras in their knock out match. And in the second half Improv Syndrome vies for a place in the semi-finals against Adults Only. Starring: Peter Cianfarani, Bob Kapur, Brianne Gwartz, Carolyn Endacott, Nash Stamenkovic, Paul Lesperance, Sue Carroll, Tess Fairbridge, Shann McGrail, Lynnae Dudley, Pam Cooper, Diana Barbosa, Eric Dolansky, Paul Muhleisen, Sofia Muhleisen. Hosted by Bradley Ellis and Natasha Bromfield.

Drop in and Theatresports Jan 13th

January 13th. 7pm-8pm our $5 drop in for everyone and then at 8pm our Theatresports competition lights up. Game four and five between Los SALAmanders and The Extras and in the second half Provably vs Oakville Improv Teen Tour Band. QEPCCC 2302 Bridge Road, Oakville L6M 2H2 Music Room #1 (off Yolanda Exit). Starring Adam Piett, Aurea Crotty, Liam Fienman, Syed Hasan, Nash Stamenkovic, Paul Lesperance, Sue Collins, Tess Fairbridge, Amy McKenzie, Catherine Henry, Monica Dunne, Bradley Ellis, Dave Ellis, Natalie Hoban, Ashlely Armstrong, Shann McGrail, Lynnae Dudley.