Theatresports™ and MORE!

Control Top Underpants won the 10th Anniversary Oakville Improv Theatresports Cup.
Theatresports is a trademark name of an improv format developed by director Keith Johnstone and played world-wide (from Hong Kong to London to Norway). We join an international group of performers who enjoy exploring Keith Johnstone’s research and creation by playing this tournament and learning the art of spontaneous agreement and discovery in the theatrical process.

TEAMS FOR 2019 Tournament were:

Skov Women’s
Terri Skov, Shann McGrail, Lynnae Dudley, Carolyn Endacott, Kim Beaune
Ellis Wake me up when it’s over




Bradley Ellis, Diana Barbosa, Ashley Armstrong
Hancock Georgetown Little Improv Club




Sam Hancock, Rob Pearce, Pam Cooper, Kajer Boadway
Cianfarani Assorted Hats




Peter Cianfarani, Mathew Hamilton, Corey Best
Kapur Fake Nudes
Bob Kapur, Amy McKenzie, Monica Dunne 
Pillman Control Top Underpants




Christine Pillman, Natasha Bromfield, Lea Wilkening, Catherine Henry


Gwartz It’s Tea Time




Brianne, Lisa Gachet, Naz Palonka

Filipowicz Dodge Ball Rejects




Nash Stamenkovic, Lisa Van Meeteren, Jennifer Filipowicz


Muhleisen Adults Only




Paul Muhleisen, Sofia, Eric Dolansky


New teams forming for our 2019 Tournament starting in January for our 10th Anniversary! JOIN US!

Next year’s ITI Conference is happening in October, 2019 in VANCOUVER!! Woo hoo.

MAESTRO is happening August 27th at QEP in Music Room #1. For all the latest news, join our facebook page …

Monday July 9th 2018, join Gary Pearson and the Oakville teams stirring things up at QEP at 8pm. Check out the schedule below for our drop in classes from 7-8pm prior to the shows.

2018: JOIN US MONDAY NIGHTS (except holidays) for a rotating schedule of Theatresports, Everyone’s A Critic, Class Improv and The Acting Game. Come for the drop in workshop from 7-8pm ($5) and stay for the 8pm show for free. All at QEPCCC’s Music Room #1, 2302 Bridge Road.




May 12, 2017

U.S against US!
Oakville takes it by a NOSE in our CANAM competition


MARCH 10, 2017

Girls Just Want to Improv vs Fake News

Girls take the TOURNAMENT by a one point lead!


 Individual Standings:

Christine Pillman 107
Jennifer Martin-Silvestro 69
Bob Kapur 43
Rochelle Gunn 42
Sam Hancock 30
Paul Muhleisen 29
Andrew Zanella 28
Amy L.E. McKenzie 22
Terri Skov 18
Lorne J. Fortune 18
Monica Dunne 16
Peter Cianfarani 15
Lea Andry Wilkening 13
Simon Caverly 13
Catherine Henry 12
Lynnae Dudley 11
Jeremy Butler 10
Natasha Bromfield 7
Ashley Armstrong 7
Miriam Ben Belfadhel 6
Michell Wong 6
Robin Sadavoy 6
Lachina McKenzie 5
Ari Shapero 5
Iryna Mcc 2
Pam Robertson Cooper 2
Mathew Hamilton 1
Shann McGrail 1
Patrick Mihalcea 1

Hip Chicks 27 Just Us 25
Snowblowers 29 Frenetic Theatre 24

APRIL 11th
That New Car Smell 27 Jump 25
CRA 26 Ukranian Democracy 23

APRIL 18th
Beauties and the Beast 30 Adult Supervision 26
Fox Tells Tales 33 The Albatross 32

April 25, 2016
Paul Muhleisen WINNER 18.5
Rochelle Gunn 17.5
Mariam Ben Belfadehl 15.5
Jennifer Silvestro 14.5
Bob Kapur 9.5
Lynnae Dudley 9.5
Sam Hancock 6
Christine Pillman 6

May 2, 2016
Two Captains Absent.
Five points each to each player.


JOIN US, every Monday, EXCEPT holidays, at 8pm, Central Baptist Church, 340 Rebecca Street (rear doors) 




MONDAY June 1st, 2015
Lazy Home Depot
Written by Coarse Whisperers & World Crime LeagueCast:
Michelle: …….  Maya Mohan
Monica:  …….   Christine Pillman
Marie:  ………   Jennifer Silvestro
Dolph: ………    Jeremy Butler
Janey:  ……..      Kim Beaune
Mr. Michaels/Tough: ………..    Brennan Moro

Cheerful and generous to a fault, Michelle and her Home Depot friends Marie and Monica bump up against the nefarious Dolph and his gang. After successfully foiling Dolph’s identity theft and the fallout of Mr Michael’s death from a poisoned jelly donut, Michelle and her friendship bracelet team win the day. WINNERS OF THE PLAY: World Crime League! 22-21
Chicago Wedding
Written by Chick Pees and The KidsCast:
Lois: ….. Lea Wilkening
Pamela: ….. Kim Beaune
Stella: ….    Terri Skov
Donna: ………. Brennan Asbridge
Father: …….    Scott Meiklejohn
Paul/Sonny ……..  Chris Chaisson

Reformed gambler and Three Sister’s Ice Sculpting co-owner, Lois, prepares for her wedding to Paul, who has just returned from a whirl-wind trip to Israel, and the wailing wall. An ill-conceived pre-wedding trip on a Casino Riverboat brings out the worst and the best in both bride and groom. Allergies, epi-pens and ripped wedding dresses all come together in a solid finale at their reception at Denny’s. A profound and poignant lesson on the evils of gambling and addiction. WINNERS OF THE PLAY: Chick Pees 21 – 18

MONDAY, June 8th, 2015
Hazing the Amazing Food
Written by Drill Birds & Kill the Messenger
Cheryl … Terri Skov
Dean McDermott  … Lea Wilkening
Ron … James Jeffers
Kate … Lynnae Dudley
Beth … Robin Sadavoy
Sam … Nastasja Palonka
The play opens with Cheryl’s excitement about new hire, Ron. The Dean seemed bored at Oakville University, and Ron’s presence in the cafeteria seemed just the thing to brighten her spirits. But not everyone was so excited. Kate, Beth, and Sam wanted Ron out. They knew just the way to do it, too. A food fight. As Ron and Kate squared off, Ron had flashbacks to the hazing he suffered in prison. Against his will, his formerly violent self was influencing the bloodlust of everyone as Cheryl and the Dean okayed the use of deadly force, and Kate, Beth and Sam, were looking to kill Ron. In the end, whether it was a zombie apocalypse at Oakville University, or everyone was locked up—it was the audience’s choice as the play ended in a dead tie. WINNERS OF THE PLAY: A TIE GAME 14-14!
Timmins Easter Egg Hunt
Written by Down with Whitey & The Lollipop Gang
Peter Cianfarani…. Darryl the Penguin
Bob Kapur …. Reginald
Mary Anne Farah …. Seductive Snowwoman
Brennan Moro …. Easter Bunny
Christine Pillman …. Suzanne
Robin Sadavoy…. Marge
Suzanne, daughter to the Timmins velcro factory dynasty tried to comfort Marge that the Easter Bunny would hide eggs this year. But perhaps that was just wishful thinking, one look at Suzanne and the Easter Bunny whisked her away to the great big world beyond Timmins. Marge was devastated. Not everyone was so happy with Suzanne leaving, especially Darryl the Penguin who confessed his love to Suzanne, presenting her with the one thing that would speak to her heart—an egg. The Easter Bunny became frustrated and reached out to a friend who helped him abduct Suzanne. Darryl was left in ruins. His goal of marrying Suzanne and taking over the velcro factory was gone. But when all seemed lost a Snowwoman appeared, Frosty’s sister who came to life when her head was removed. In the end, despite abductions and the bitter cold, love came to Timmins. WINNERS OF THE PLAY: Down with Whitey 13-12
Monday June 15, 2015
Heating Up The Stage
Written by Coolio Inglesias & Bigfoot Truthers
Lea Wilkening  …. Becky
Christine Pillman  …. Sandy-Daisy
Catherine Henry …. Desiree
Sam Hancock …. Nurse Betty/Evil Knievel
Mary Anne Farah … Dr Herpes
Adam McCormack ….. Son/Evil Jr

The perfect Ingenue, Becky, meets experienced actresses Sandy and Desirée, who will challenge her to understudy for them on Broadway and leave her position at Poppa John’s restaurant. Nurse Betty and Dr Herpes nefariously undermine Becky’s chances in her new career by telling her she has V.D. A status battle between Becky and Dr Herpes ensues. Will plucky Becky make Dr H admit her plans? Will she join Becky on Broadway? A cameo by Evil Knievel and his son Jr Kneivel proves that only love can overcome evil and redemption for Dr. Herpes can’t be far behind. WINNER OF THE PLAY: TIE GAME!!! 15-15

Graduation in Smithville
Written by Coolcumbers and Don’t Work Hard
Betty … Jennifter Silvestro
Sally …. Catherine Henry
Mommy Smith …. Lynnae Dudley
Chip Berishnikovstiken …. Brennan Moro
Momma …. Robin Sadavoy
Muriel …. Christine Pillman

Readying themselves for doctoral convocation, Russian transfer student and his love, Muriel (also a Russian transfer student) express their excitement about their future and new-found love. Parents are never so keen. Meanwhile, twin sisters Betty and Sally afraid of falling off the stage, vie for imaginary relationships with ultra eligible Chip . Betty’s parking lot seduction leads to romance and a scornful Muriel, who having seen the deed, begs Chip to “remove” Betty from the equation. An unplanned pregnancy, mistaken identity and secret Russian spies all lead to heartache and double-crossing and death on the graduation dais.  WINNERS OF THE PLAY: Coolcumbers 17-12
June 22, 2015
 “Money Troubles in Indiana” or “Anger Management Ranch”
Written by Cats Scratch Fever and Shoes Are Nice
Mary Lynn …. Christine Pillman
Mary Lou…. Brennan Asbridge
Jeanette …. Jennifer Silvestro
Horatio …. Jeremy Butler
Livitica …. Kim Beaune
Governor Josephine …. Terri Skov
Mary-Lou and Mary-Lynne explore the Indiana wilderness on horseback. But Mary-Lynne’s habitual use of the phrase “laugh it up, Fuzzball” drives Mary-Lou mad. But not just crazy-mad. Mad mad. Mary-Lou has brought her and Jeanette to … Anger Management Ranch.
Ranch owners Levitica and horatio Want nothing more than the New Yorkers OUT. The treatment is not helping them and Instead they’re punching the horses and causing all manner of mayhem. They plead to governor .Josephine Of Indiana to take on a Secret identity in order to monitor the situation. When the New Yorkers steal an haute couture saddle and shoot a horse, the Indianans follow them, realizing that the aggressive nature of the city MaKes them that way and they come to understand that their anger is a survival mechanism. Indiana DOESN’T want you … Winners of the Play: Shoes are nice
Thanksgiving in Rome
Written by Canada’s Smartest People and 2 Live Crew
Romanus Claudius …. Jeremy Butler
Lavinia Agrippa …. Brennan Asbridge
Claudius a Gladiator …. Robin Sadavoy
Diane …. Jennifer Silvestro
Athena …. Nastasja Polanka
Lucy-us Maxiuma …. Lea Wilkening
A mad capped nod to the series I Claudius, the play opens at the Colleseum, where Emperor Romanus Claudius and his wife Lavinia Agrippa argue about their lives, separate beds, separate palaces … power is not all it’s cracked up to be. Meanwhile, their stalwart Gladiator takes one for the Emperor but never quite bleeds out. Later at Lucy-us Maxima’s palace, we find the love sick Claudius pining for his lover, while Athena and Diana, with jealous intent conspire to murder EVERYONE. Will the Empire fall? Will the Gladiator ever die? Will Lavinia Agrippa find drapes to match the sofa? Will Claudius ever be faithul? Don’t stay tuned because … you’ll never see this epic tale of love and revenge again. Winners of the Play: Tie Set.

Theatresports™ In-House Tournament

Created by Keith Johnstone, the Theatresports format pits two teams of improvisers against each other, who are judged for creating scenes on the spot.

WORLD CRIME LEAGUE TAKES TOP SPOT and wins the Oakville Improv Cup. Congratulations to the team and all the teams from April 10th (Coarse Whisperers and Natural Supremacy). Thanks to Duncan McKenzie, Geri Hall, Gary Pearson, Carmine Lucarelli and Waylen Miki for their artistic support. And YOU the audience for being at all the matches.


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