Sep 272017

Join us for our regular Moonshine Jam at the Moonshine Cafe (137 Kerr Street). GOTTA B G.O.T. We’re taking a stab at the most highly produced, super FX show on television because what could be better on the Moonshine Cafe stage. Starring: Gary Pearson, Shann McGrail, Kevin Tinsley, Diana Barbosa, Pam Cooper, Sam Hancock, Amy McKenzie and Iryna McCoubrey. Special Guest: Tess Degenstein.

A more mature show with adult content and alcoholic beverages served. $5 cover charge.

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Sep 272017

Join us for Keith Johnstone’s THEATRESPORTS! Two teams of improvisers competing for comedy supremacy using improvised scenes – aided by audience suggestions. $5/person at QEP’s Black Box Theatre, October 13th 8pm. The best comedy deal in town. 2302 Bridge Road.

Special Guests: MOIST THEATRE! with Carson Gale, Colin Murphy and Cliff Murphy


Did you know you can see Theatresports in hundreds of locations around the world, including Dubai, Finland, Australia and Hong Kong? Check out the shows when you travel by locking into International Theatresports on Twitter and Facebook.

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Sep 222017

If you want to try a class with less “commitment”, join us on Monday nights from 7-8pm for a shorter workshop to check it out. Later in the fall we’ll be adding a show at 8pm – so gear up for that, too. Only $5/person. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Music Room #1 at QEPCCC 2302 Bridge Road, Oakville.

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Sep 212017

Have you ever wanted to try improv and explore what everybody talks about? Have some fun, watch some bold people take some risks – hey – take some yourself. At the same time, you can explore other cultural activities at QEPCCC that you’ve never tried before. It’s all open, and it’s all free! Check out the schedule here. We’re there on Saturday, September 30th, from 11-2pm with a fun demo at 12:30pm. Come out and try – you’ll be glad you did.

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Sep 202017

Oakville Improv represents at the Big City Improv Festival in October, on the 15th at 8pm at Bad Dog Theatre. Go see some great international improvisers, hang out at panels, learn more about the artform and just have a laugh. And support us, while you’re there! See you in Toronto!

Representing Oakville Improv: Natasha Bromfield, James Jeffers, Gary Pearson, Christine Pillman, and David Raitt

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Sep 142017

Join us for our monthly comedy jam September 24th, featuring our best improvisers and friends and guests from around the GTA. The best improv show in Oakville. Guaranteed laughs or your money back. $5 cover charge. Adult content. Alcohol served.
Starring: Diana Barbosa, Natasha Bromfield, Pam Cooper, James Jeffers, Iryna McCoubrey, Amy McKenzie, Gary Pearson, Christine Pillman and Kevin Tinsley.

Special guest: Kevin Frank from Second City.

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Sep 142017

Join us for the Black Box show at qepccc 2302 Bridge Road. Theatresports pits two teams against each other in an improv comedy death match and seeks to answer all of life’s burning questions. Do you have some? 8pm on October 13th. $5/person.

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Sep 122017

Hey Gang, if you’re interested in signing up, kids/youth classes start THIS SATURDAY! There are only a couple of spots left, so email us quick. Adult Beginner is SOLD OUT! but if you’re a returning student and want to explore improv further, intermediate class begins October 5th. Don’t wait – classes are capped. Take a risk, step out and join the fun.

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Sep 042017

Join us for another round of Theatresports. Teams playing improv scenes in a competitive match, vying for comedy supremacy in front of a live audience. 8pm at QEPCCC’s Black Box Theatre. $5 per person and rated “G” for Geverybody. Starring Christine Pillman, Patrick Mihalcea, Mathew Hamilton, Abbey Kelly, Monica Dunne, Sam Hancock, Lynnae Dudley and MORE …Special guest: Jerry Schaefer! Scored by musical improviser Waylen Miki.

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