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Master Classes Sunday afternoons from 1-3:30pm TEACHER: Gary Pearson

BE A GENRE GIANT (Teacher: Gary Pearson)
Sundays 1-3:30pm September 17, 24, Oct 1, 15th ONLY). Four session.
Sharpen your understanding and execution of genres to nail the targets and tropes of today’s favourite pop culture movie and TV styles.
What genres are popular right now with movie and TV audiences? What will your improv audiences have just watched on TV or the cinema before going out to see you on stage? Those are the genres we should be sending up. BE A GENRE GIANT goes after 4 distinct popular genres in 4 weeks of classes. You’ll discover what characters are almost ALWAYS in a distinct genre. What kind of stories do they tell? What type of scene is in every example you can think of, of each genre we explore. Each week a different genre is broken down, analyzed and experimented on. You’ll see how to do the scenes we always expect in any given genre. You’ll see how we can do a whole genre quickly, through the use of collapsed time improv techniques like CUT TO and MOVIE TRAILER. Then we’ll put our new powerful take on a genre to the Moonshine for everyone to enjoy. You’ll truly be… A GENRE GIANT!

The genres explored will be the ones that are at the cinema or awaiting your viewing on your PVR/Netflix right now. Adult Comedy (Hangover, Date Night, Bridesmaids, Girls Trip, often a Romcom element, sometimes Stoner) Oscar Bait (usually history, bio-pic, serious issue- combination of all) Sword and Sorcery (Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings) Space Epic (Star Wars, Star Trek, Alien and its decedents)

Sundays 1-3:30pm September 17, 24, Oct 1, 15th ONLY. Four sessions: $122.50.


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Master Classes Sunday afternoons from 1-3:30pm starts April 23rd.
Kevin Matviw (Second City/Death Ray Cabaret)
Jack Mosshammer (Second City/Man Seeking Woman)
Gary Pearson (Sunnyside/Corner Gas/MaddTV)
Nigel Downer (Second City)
Geri Hall (Second City/This Hour)
David Raitt (Second City)
Matt Folliott (Chadd Mallett/Filthy/Bad Dog)
Sage Tyrtle (Toronto Storytelling Show/High Stakes) JUNE 18th.

Jan Caruana: Musical Improv March 18, 2017 11-5pm
Jan Caruana has taught in class rooms and board rooms across the country. Hundreds of improvisers have benefited from her onstage experience and her passion for the art form. She has taught improv to students from Bad Dog Theatre, Second City, Sheridan College, the University of Toronto and countless Ontario School Boards. Jan was also the originating teacher for C.L.I.C.K – A collaborative learning program created by Dr. Trina Epstein, helping children with social challenges, including Autism Spectrum Disorder, learn social skills and make friends. In the Corporate world, Jan has worked with companies such as Rogers, B.I/Lilly Pharmaceuticals, Kiewit Construction and BMO, teaching executives that work can be a lot more fun and productive when you just “yes and”

 Jan’s Class is SOLD OUT

September 2016 CREATING WORLDS: David Raitt (advanced)
“Where are you?” It’s a question most improvisers fail to ask themselves, keeping them and their audiences from the full theatrical and magical experience of improvisation. In this workshop you’ll reconnect with the essential skills of environment, object work, and physicality to make your scenes more active and visual. You’ll also learn how to use the Where as a source for character, conflict, and scene advancement. Master these skills and you’ll never be at a loss for what to do next!
8 sessions. $245.00. By permission of the Workshop Director only.
David Raitt has performed and taught with Second City, Toronto. David is known for his incredible mime and agility in scenes and we’re proud to say he’s one of our own.

May 29th, 2016 Parade Workshop & Show: Chad Mallett is a high energy, long form improv adventure performed by Matt Folliott and Ted Hallett. With a suggestion of a geographical location, Chad Mallett transports you there to witness the adventures of two buddies on vacation and the parade of odd ball characters and situations they find themselves in. Always a crowd favourite, Chad Mallett is a high energy joyride, a kid with rockets attached to his roller skates, or like three Red Bulls for breakfast. It’s go time! Love the Chad.

February 2016 Gary Pearson’s TV Writer’s Room. February 6th we start a new class, offered in association with Comedy U. Gary Pearson’s TV Writers Room. A veteran of sketch comedy (This Hour, MaddTV, The Ron James Show, That’s So Weird and most recently Sunnyside), Gary Pearson brings his extensive and oh-so-current experience to our students. Learn first hand the way a writers’ room works and finish up with a “read” on stage at the Moonshine Cafe on March 27th.
FALL 2015
This class is for students who have all intermediate courses and feel comfortable with scene work. 8 Classes. Criteria: Permission of the Workshop Director. NO CLASS THANKSGIVING WEEKEND.
Teachers include:
October 4th Herbie Barnes
October 18th James Gangl
October 25th Hayley Kellett
November 1st Geri Hall
November 8th David Raitt 
November 15th Rob Norman
November 22nd Bruce Hunter
November 29th Gary Pearson

Carmine Lucarelli: Yes (March 29th).
Improve your “yes” by listening with more than your ears. Get bigger and bolder with your “and” by answering the question why. Be specific. Always. Also, I’ll likely give you personal notes to help you grow or possibly make you cry. But man, it will be committed and specific crying! SOLD OUT

Rob Norman: Callbacks & Connections: Intro to Longform (February 15, 1:30-5:30pm) Canadian-Comedy Award winning improviser Rob Norman, guides you through simple techniques used by professional improv troupes.  No fluff, no philosophy – just practical tips and tricks to help you tell longform stories onstage tonight. Rob Norman has also written a new book on improv, Improvising Now

Lisa Merchant: Giving a S**t in Scenes  September 28th 3-5pm3time Canadian Comedy Award-winner, Lisa Merchant teaches us to make historical and emotional connections to the characters on stage to ground your scene and bring a achievable depth to the narrative. Students in this class will be invited to perform at the Moonshine Comedy Jam, 7:30pm September 28th.

Jan Caruana June 22nd 1-5pm “Voice: Use it or Lose it”As an improviser your voice is one of your most important tools. This class will take you through a full vocal warm up and show you exercises and technique to help you use your voice in a way that will keep it reliable for 8 shows a week. This class will also help you identify your voice‘s quirks and help you use them to your full advantage, as well as looking at habitual vocal behaviour that may be hindering your performance. The final part of the class will work on finding character voices that will help you on the road to building a character.

AJ Vaage April 27th 2-5pm Story What often makes an good improv scene into a great improv scene is the story telling behind it. This workshop will show how important it is to create a simple story when improvising. This will be a one day intensive that focuses directly on narrative in short form improv. It will work on strengthening the foundation of telling a strong, short story and creating individual points of view, while adding games on top of it.

Gord Oxley February 23rd 2-5pm “Improv Song” Take your scene work and schnazz it up with tunes. This introduction to improv song, will have you make it up as you crow along, using a number of fun rhythm- and singing-based games and exercises. Sounds like a song! Criteria: Permission of the Workshop Director

Rob Norman January 26th 1-5pm “Zen and the Art of Improv”  There are four noble truths: 1) Scenes will ALWAYS be fraught with anxiety, fear, and the smell of farts. 2) There is a reason for this anxiety, fear, and farts.  3) There is way to overcome these anxieties, fears, and farts. 4) When you overcome these anxieties, fears, and farts – you will be a great improviser. Spend an afternoon breaking down boundaries and exploring your own impulses.  Walk into scenes with a focus on fun, play, and exploration.  Spend less time thinking onstage, more time enjoying the experience.   

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