Adult classes

Students Maya and Christine performing in one of our shows.

Students Maya and Christine performing in one of our shows.

At Oakville Improv, we offer a range of improv workshops. Our beginners classes will give you a feel for improv. If you like it, you can build your skills in our higher level workshops, and even team up with other improvisers to perform in one of our many improvised stage productions. If you’ve registered with us before, you can use our registration page below. 

Class Descriptions

Adult Beginners
This level is great for beginning improvisers, as well as being an enjoyable refresher for those improvisers who have had previous improv or acting experience. The workshops will cover a number of improv games and exercises and offer opportunities for students to perform for family and friends. All very low stress and fun. These classes are currently being held through the Town of Oakville at the QEPCCC (Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre – we like to call it “The Q”, but strangely, no one else does). You can register there through their on-line program connection Fall, Winter and Spring. In the summer, classes are scheduled through Oakville Improv. Schedules are listed below.

Intermediate Classes
These classes are for people who want more challenging material after beginners and may wish to join us on stage. Participants may be asked to play in demonstration rounds in venues across Oakville, to raise their skill level. 

Adult Specialty Classes
Intended for those who have wider improv experience and are committed to working with a team. This workshop series explores more advanced scene work, as well as more challenging improv games. In addition to the final showcase, improvisers may be invited to perform at one or more local venues with more experienced players (eg. Theatresports)








FALL 2017

* Adult Beginner (18 and up) Thursdays at QEPCCC  from 7-9:30pm. BEGINS October 5th, 2017 8 weeks. Register with The Town Of Oakville at the IRIS site: HERE 

 * Adult Intermediate (18 and up)   Thursdays at QEPCCC  8 weeks. 7-930pm. October 5th. Criteria: Beginner and permission of Workshop Director. Register with Oakville Improv:  REGISTER


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